Bow out, Auditor General Mautino: A tip financial watchdog won’t spin over his possess financial records

For months, a tip financial watchdog in state supervision has declined to spin over financial annals to choosing authorities. He also has disclosed he is underneath sovereign review per his debate fund. Frank Mautino, a former lawmaker allocated Illinois auditor ubiquitous final year, continues to stonewall.

Only in corruption-numb Illinois would Mautino sojourn on a pursuit underneath those circumstances.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Central District of Illinois non-stop an review progressing this year into Mautino’s higher-than-usual debate expenditures during a gas hire in his district and peculiar payments to a internal bank, a Mautino orator has confirmed. The debate fund, that is now dissolved, served Mautino while he was a state lawmaker from 1991 until 2015, when a General Assembly allocated him auditor general. In further to a rapist probe, a citizen-driven censure formed on many of a same questions per his debate comment is creation a approach by a State Board of Elections.

But given of a inquiries — a feds and a elections house — Mautino has lawyered adult and close up. He hasn’t talked about possibly box while stability to manage a statewide auditing bureau that is ostensible to be led by an independent, uncompromised financial analyst.

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