Boise word representative has permit revoked

The Idaho Department of Insurance revoked a permit of Timothy H. Heffner after he mishandled patron supports and unsuccessful to respond to requests for records.

In dual cases, Heffner unsuccessful to deposition income paid by business into a stable comment and afterwards brazen a income to a word association that rubbed a policies, for health insurance. The word companies canceled their policies for disaster to compensate a premiums.

In one instance, a patron prepaid for coverage, nonetheless Heffner sent usually one out of 9 monthly payments to a word company, according to a Department of Insurance sequence in a case.

Heffner unsuccessful to yield payment to a business until after they complained to a Department of Insurance. He also abandoned mixed requests from a group for support for those clients’ policies.

“Mr. Heffner claims that a ultimate amends of a supports to a clients, in essence, mitigates opposite a anticipating that mistreat was suffered by these individuals. This evidence is unpersuasive. Repayment is not noticed by a conference officer as exculpatory in these circumstances,” conference officer David Nielsen wrote.

Heffner was also systematic to compensate a $5,000 executive penalty.

The Department of Insurance suggests that all word clients make checks for premiums payable to a word conduit rather than a agent.

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