Beyond Business as Usual

This is, anyway, a running element of Eckhaus Latta, where a Los Angeles-based Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta are rapt with explorations of element and severe perceived knowledge about shape, gender and beauty.

The outcome can demeanour lumpen and spasmodic curve too distant in a frumpy-is-cool art propagandize direction. But, increasingly, it can also be a successful traffic between forms: denim carpenter’s pants tie-dyed in tiger stripes and interconnected with a goddess epoque padded corset, a prolonged mint-green sheer dress hung from a carapace of grass-green grandma knitting.

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Eckhaus Latta M/W : Fall 2018

CreditGuillaume Roujas/Nowfashion

And sometimes, as with a sporty fever yellow widen rayon jersey incited into an dusk gown, with cuts here and there and one extra-long third sleeve swinging from a corner of a shoulder blade like an superb breeze sock, it just, well, works.

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