(Bloomberg) — Ben S. Bernanke is going on-line. The former
Federal Reserve authority has finished a book on a financial
crisis, that will be published this fall, and is now rising a
blog, a Brookings Institution pronounced on Monday.

“Now that I’m a municipal again, we can once some-more criticism on
economic and financial issues but my difference being put under
the microscope by Fed watchers,” Bernanke, 61, who left the
central bank Jan. 31, 2014, pronounced in a statement.

The former Princeton University highbrow incited research
fellow and speaking-circuit tie will blog his observations
and residence questions and comments from readers, some of which
will be posted along with responses. Brookings pronounced a blog
will hold on “major domestic and tellurian mercantile and financial
issues –- and, maybe occasionally, on baseball.”

Bernanke will blog during http://www.brookings.edu/benbernanke

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