Bay Area Reaches Peak Employment, Yet Some Remain Unemployed

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — A new state news declares a Bay Area is “at full employment,” though some people are still unemployed.

The stagnation rate is 2.9 percent in San Mateo County and San Francisco counties, 3 percent in Marin county and reduction than 4 percent in Santa Clara and Alameda counties.

But there are some people that have slipped by a cracks and are still unemployed.

Also lots of a practice expansion has come from a liberality zone that doesn’t compensate much.

To put a report’s commentary in perspective, we have to go all a approach behind to a initial dot com bang of 2000, when and were all a rage.

That time duration used to be a benchmark of good times.

But now?

Janice Shriver, a labor researcher for a state, says we have some-more jobs now than during any other time in story in a Bay Area.

Shriver says we are in what’s called “peak employment,” where probably anyone who is peaceful and means to work, is working, opposite most all industries.

Shriver said, “It runs a gamut, really. There are lots, lots, of jobs if we wish to work.”

Here are a Bay Area’s biggest pursuit gains, by attention and region, year over year.

In a San Jose metro area, it was veteran and business services that have seen a biggest pursuit gains year over year.

Meanwhile, a Oakland metro area has seen a arise in jobs in private preparation and health services.

And a San Francisco metro area had clever pursuit expansion in trade, transportation, and utilities.

It’s critical to note, in a past month there’s been a arise in liberality jobs, many of that are lower-paid, part-time positions.

Henry Lo is a Bay Area job-seeker and he says he’s assured he’ll find a job.

Lo was only let go from his pursuit during Home Depot a month ago.

A cadence left him wheelchair-bound during 66-years-old.

But after conference a latest jobs report, he says he’s certain he’ll find something.

“Maybe with this interview, we competence find something,” Lo said.

Lo has an electrical engineering degree, has lerned as a nurse, and spent a past 15 years conceptualizing kitchens.

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