Bank Hapoalim again named ‘Best Bank in Israel’ by ‘Global Finance’

Bank Hapoalim has been comparison as “Best Bank in Israel” by a prestigious Global Finance repository for a fifth uninterrupted year.

The proclamation was partial of a magazine’s choice of a best banks in 29 grown countries worldwide. This followed a extensive examination, that enclosed a array of consultations with comparison officials in a banking and financial systems and with analysts.

The preference was done on a basement of a multiple of design criteria – such as item volume, profitability data, growth of new activities and product creation – and an research that was formed on a positions taken by analysts and other experts in a financial industry.

The preference was also formed on a formula of a check that Global Finance conducted among a readers, in sequence to raise a routine for a preference of a best banks. The magazine’s editors remarkable that a common evil among a banks that were comparison this year, including Bank Hapoalim, was a multiple of strength and prophesy – a multiple that enabled them to dwarf their peers.

Bank Hapoalim CEO Zion Kenan welcomed a news.

“This endowment was achieved interjection to a veteran and dedicated employees and management, and by implementing a multi-year strategy, formed on creation and creativity,” Kenan said. “Bank Hapoalim’s business suffer a top turn of use in a Israeli banking system, and we are gratified this wins a approval of heading tellurian veteran entities via a years.”

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