Are we due word money? Here’s how to check


Joseph Bigony receives a long-overdue remuneration from his sister’s life word policy

On 60 Minutes this week, Lesley Stahl suggested that life word companies are self-denial payments due to a poignant array of beneficiaries, many of whom don’t comprehend their desired ones had a policy. Even when a word companies could simply establish that a policyholder has died, they don’t worry to locate a subsequent of kin.

In a array of settlements, 25 word companies certified no indiscretion though concluded to compensate out some-more than $7.5 billion — possibly directly to a delinquent beneficiaries or to particular states, that will try to hit a beneficiaries.

So how do we find out if you’re due a life word remuneration from a defunct desired one?

If we know a association that released a policy, start there. Keep in mind that life word companies are mostly bought and sold, changing their names in a process. If you’re incompetent to locate your company, it might be handling underneath a new name. The word commissioner of a state in that your routine was released can assistance we establish your insurer’s new association name.

At this website, we can click on a state in that we reside. You will afterwards be redirected to that state’s unclaimed skill website. Follow a prompts on a shade to control a hunt for each state in that we have lived.

To control a multi-state hunt to find out if we have unclaimed property, visit this site and form your name in a box that says “Start your FREE bureaucratic hunt for blank money.”

Having trouble? Fill out a form on this website and someone will support you.

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