Android during work: 38 business-ready apps that assistance we get things finished on a run

“Android” and “enterprise” are dual difference that traditionally haven’t left together. But with Google beefing adult a Android for Work initiative—and removing prepared to launch more enterprise-friendly features with a arriving Android “N” release—the thought of companies deliberation Android for employees no longer seems far-fetched.

The law is Android has been relocating in a some-more business-ready instruction for a while. While tales of malware might still spirit some complement administrators, a picturesque threats compared to those scares are almost always nonexistent—and Google has increasingly wised adult about providing multiple layers and paths of protection.

Operating complement aside, of course, there’s also a ecosystem to examine—the doubt of either developers have combined adequate peculiarity collection to make an Android device useful as a well-rounded mobile capability gadget. The answer will apparently change from one association to a next, depending on specific needs, though we can get a ubiquitous thought of a platform’s corporate viability by looking by some of a enterprise-targeted app selections.

Let’s dive into it, shall we? Consider a straightforwardly accessible apps from these core categories and either they’d make a sufficient starter container for your company’s mobile tech requirements:

Email and calendar

This one’s easy, right? If your business uses Exchange, Microsoft’s possess Outlook Android client is a many unchanging approach to stay connected. It provides a informed interface for on-the-go entrance to email, calendar, and even files from OneDrive or other cloud storage providers. It integrates with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And it’ll work on probably any Android device (so prolonged as it’s using 2011’s Android 4.0 recover or higher—which any pretty stream device is).

Google’s possess Gmail and Calendar apps are a customary on Android, meanwhile—and if we use Google’s cloud services or even outmost POP or IMAP connections, they’re where you’ll wish to start. Google during prolonged final implemented universal Exchange harmony into Gmail in late April, so a apps are also now viable Outlook alternatives for Exchange-reliant enterprises.

The bureau suite

You can’t have a work-ready mobile device though a decent bureau suite, and these days, Android has plain options to select from. Microsoft itself might be embarrassingly late to a party, though a entirely featured Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for Android finally arrived for all inclination final summer and are utterly good, generally for businesses invested in Microsoft’s platform.

Scoring even aloft on InfoWorld’s latest bureau apartment shootout is a third-party OfficeSuite app, by MobiSystems. Due to a glorious UI and endless underline set, it’s a tip choice for anyone who isn’t already partial of a paid Office 365 subscription. (The usually downside is a app’s labyrinthian pricing model, that is absurdly involved and most guaranteed to give we a migraine.)

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