Amid Confusion, UC Finance Committee Aims to Improve Communication

Amid Confusion, UC Finance Committee Aims to Improve Communication

Greenlaw on Theater Performance Grant Cap during UC Meeting

Since 2006, Concilio Latino, a campus Latino and Latin American informative organization, has hosted a holiday cooking any year in early December. Last December, members of a classification approached a Undergraduate Council for appropriation for a event. The organisation had perceived appropriation in prior years for a cooking from a College’s tyro government, that doles out some-more than $300,000 in grants annually.

According to Concilio Latino co-chair Itzel L. Vasquez-Rodriguez ’17, UC member lifted no objections to a appropriation during a group’s extend talk with a Council’s Finance Committee. The Finance Committee primarily suggested that Concilio Latino would accept $850 tentative a opinion of a whole Council.

A bar house member paid for a event’s losses on a credit label with a expectancy that a UC would repay a cost, Vasquez-Rodriguez said.

However, on Dec. 5, 3 days before a event, a classification perceived an email from a UC denying them appropriation since a eventuality would take place during reading period, according to Vasquez-Rodriguez. Finance Committee manners demarcate a UC from appropriation events during shopping, reading, or examination periods.

This semester, a classification brought a emanate adult with a Finance Committee and asked to be reimbursed.

“Theoretically, they should have review a process beam and famous not to apply,” Finance Committee Chair William A. Greenlaw ’17 pronounced during a cabinet assembly in February. “But it seems somewhat opposite when they come to us during a extend assembly and we tell them they can get [the funds].”

The Finance Committee eventually voted 8-0 to repay Concilio Latino for a event, with cabinet member Evan M. Bonsall ’19 arguing that “organizations should not have to compensate for a mistake we done as a Finance Committee.”

The fortitude is usually one indicate in a incomparable contention within a Finance Committee per how to urge communication between a UC and a tyro body, during a time in that clarity of a UC’s financingdecisions has come underneath scrutiny.

This semester, a UC published Finance Committee exchange dating behind to tumble 2011. And in an bid to warn bar leaders of a Finance Committee’s 18-page prolonged list of rules, that foreordain appropriation on anything from film screening licences to house retreats, Greenlaw combined all bar treasurers to a executive email list.

“Historically, Ficom has mostly been a saved assets account,” Greenlaw pronounced during a cabinet meeting. “I’m meddlesome in changing that.”


Each mercantile year, a UC allocates approximately $300,000 to a grants budget, that a Finance Committee afterwards distributes to tyro organizations formed on a appropriation process guide.

The grants check and a budgets of several other UC committees are saved by a $75 UC Student Activities Fee that appears on all undergraduate students’ tenure bills any year. Students might relinquish a fee, though usually by promulgation a earthy minute to a Harvard Student Accounts Office requesting a waiver. Some students contend they did not know a fee, or a waiver, even existed.

Beyond information about a UC fee, many students and organizations comparison contend they miss believe per a manners for Finance Committee grants, notwithstanding a information’s open accessibility on a UC website. Student organizations anticipating to accept appropriation from a Council contingency contention a extend ask offer to a Finance Committee, and afterwards attend an in-person talk with UC representatives, before receiving funding.

The Finance Committee mostly relies on a process beam to establish how many to allot in funding. To many students, a manners are not immediately intuitive: publications can usually accept adult to $500 per semester, costumes are authorised for $1,000 per calendar year usually if they are reusable in destiny performances, and DJ’s can be paid during many $150 per event.

This division alone, dual organizations so distant have requested UC appropriation for their club’s website, usually to be soon denied during their extend interviews. Rule 35 of a Finance Committee’s process beam states that a UC generally will not account tyro classification websites, instead suggesting that organizations ask for a website by a Harvard Computer Society.

Similarly, dual organizations this educational year have also requested grants for holding fundraisers, notwithstanding a UC’s pithy order opposite appropriation such events.

Thomas A. Lee ’19, who became treasurer for Harvard-Radcliffe Music in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Using Entertainment as Therapy during a commencement of this semester, requested appropriation in Feb for a club’s annual black tie unison fundraiser. Under a UC’s manners per fundraisers, he was incited down during his extend interview.

“I was not wakeful of that order forward of time. That was a initial UC extend that we did,” Lee said. “It’s a good training experience.”

“It’s not going to harm us if we don’t get anything, though it’s always good if we can get a small bit of help,” Lee added.

Additional rules, such as a order opposite appropriation projects during reading period—an Office of Student Life stipulation—have also taken some students by surprise. During a same ubiquitous assembly during that Concilio Latino was denied funding, 3 other organizations also did not accept appropriation for events that were to take place during reading period, according to a assembly agenda.


Based on a information supposing on a UC’s website, a 2014-2015 educational year saw a slightest volume of UC supports requested on record. In a 2014-2015 propagandize year, tyro organizations requested approximately $471,000 in funding, compared to $654,000 a prior year, and $546,000 a year before that.

In further to a diminution in a volume of appropriation requested, a Finance Committee has also witnessed a dwindling series of extend requests from tyro organizations over new years.

Last semester, tyro organizations submitted 347 sum requests for UC funding, a lowest volume of any division on record. In tumble 2014, 386 requests were submitted, a decrease from a 450 requests in tumble 2013, 491 requests in tumble 2012, and 504 requests in tumble 2011.

Greenlaw impersonate a decrease in extend requests during a UC ubiquitous assembly in Feb as demonstrative of a “communication problem” on partial of a Finance Committee.

In some cases, even when tyro organizations did ask funding, members of a classification did not uncover adult to their scheduled talk times.

In one instance, during a Feb. 17 Finance Committee meeting, 7 grants requesting a accumulative sum of some-more than $2,500 were denied any appropriation since member from their particular grant-requesting organizations did not attend interviews.

Even when students do uncover adult to extend interviews, they mostly destroy to uncover adult to bureau hours with a UC Treasurer to accept their check or approach deposit. Of a 344 extend requests that were allocated appropriation final semester, 78 were never picked adult by their requesting organizations, amounting to $28,824 in unutilized grants.

“If we can’t check your email for giveaway money, I’ll give it to someone else,” Greenlaw said, when asked about absences during a UC ubiquitous meeting. “We can’t give income to folks who don’t come get it.”

The Finance Committee has taken stairs to urge communication between a cabinet and students. Earlier this month, a cabinet unanimously voted to pass a communication remodel bill that seeks to keep bar presidents and treasurers adult to date on appropriation process changes. It also ensures that tyro organizations that would be influenced by appropriation process changes are told and consulted forward of time.

The check came in response to a argumentative financial cabinet check which placed a top on supports to museum organizations. Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club President Aislinn E. Brophy ’17 pronounced that her bar was “disappointed with a miss of communication this semester,” in partial due to a policy, and also since of a miss of clarity on what date museum organizations would be compulsory to attend extend interviews.

Brophy pronounced during a UC assembly progressing this division that a Finance Committee had imposed a deadline for museum productions to ask for appropriation though notifying a HRDC house directly. While a Finance Committee after reached out to museum organizations to solve a matter, Brophy pronounced a conditions reflected a “lack of transparency” and “miscommunication.”

The Finance Committee’s new reforms to a communications process seem to be working, Greenlaw said. In a 5 extend packs this year heading adult to a thoroughfare of a communication reform, tyro organizations submitted an normal of 38 extend requests per week.

Last week, during a initial extend talk following a communication reform, a Finance Committee perceived 75 requests for unchanging grants from tyro organizations. Greenlaw attributes a boost in extend requests to a strong communication and overdo to treasurers of tyro organizations.

In response to a vast boost in grants final week, a Finance Committee released a initial grants container cut of a year. While sum allocations were projected to sum $22,658, a cabinet cut a extend pack’s appropriation by 15 percent to move a sum next a $20,763 check for a week.


Although tyro groups ask appropriation for a accumulation of venues and supplies, some-more than half of all appropriation requests final division enclosed food, that a Finance Committee particularly caps to a limit of $4 per tyro for full meals. Small dishes can be saved during $3 per chairman since a UC can finance snacks and desserts during $2 per person.

However, many tyro organizations customarily ask some-more than a limit per chairman subsidy for food.

Last November, Human Rights in North Korea requested a $95 food extend for an event, though was usually authorised to accept $30 since of a appropriation rules. In December, a Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia Association requested $1,000 though usually perceived $135 for a same reason.

Members of a Finance Committee have on mixed occasions lifted concerns about a stream food appropriation policy, and suggested that an amendment to boost appropriation might be advisable.

“It seems like people get a brief finish of a hang when it comes to a food policy,” Bonsall pronounced during a cabinet meeting. “I consider that maybe needs to be updated.”

Others member are endangered about how a UC can safeguard that organizations are being honest when they ask and spend UC funds.

“I don’t know how good a auditing complement is,” Rules Committee Chair Daniel R. Levine ’17, an dead Crimson editor, pronounced during a Finance Committee meeting.

Nonetheless, though a change in appropriation rules, a cabinet is compulsory to belong to a existent policy.

“If we can’t work within a rules, there’s no indicate in carrying them,” Greenlaw pronounced while deliberating a committee’s policies. “I’m perplexing to be a rules-based organization.”

Still, Greenlaw has done communication a pivotal priority of a Finance Committee, and voiced a eagerness to support groups that are harm when a UC’s communication is inadequate.

“If we don’t give we correct information, afterwards you’re authorised for calibrate of some sort,” Greenlaw said.

On Feb. 21, Levine published all of a Finance Committee’s annals dating behind to a tumble 2011—including information on all extend requests and appropriation allocations—on a UC’s website. The website records a UC’s joining “to being accountable and pure with students.”

“The accounting used to be a small bit dodgy over a past,” Greenlaw pronounced during a UC’s initial ubiquitous assembly of a year. “There’ll be a lot of changes this semester… It’s going to be utterly wicked.”

—Staff writers David Freed and Idrees M. Kahloon contributed stating to this story.

—Staff author Brian P. Yu can be reached during Follow him on Twitter @brianyu28

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