Agencies asked to come adult with solutions to tackle low Hispanic employment

After 6 uninterrupted years of medium increases in Hispanic illustration in a sovereign workforce, a Office of Personnel Management wants any group to inspect why.

“In light of determined low representation,” OPM is seeking any group to control a focused separator research on Hispanic employment. Specifically, agencies should concentration on practice during a GS-12 by Senior Executive Service levels to “identify and exterminate any barriers to equal practice opportunity, unchanging with a consequence complement beliefs and germane laws,” behaving OPM Director Beth Cobert and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chair Jenny Yang wrote in a Jan. 18 memo.

The memo has been in a works for some-more than a year, when a Hispanic Council on Federal Employment voted to begin looking during a emanate in some-more detail.

Federal News Radio conducted an disdainful information core consult to consider how agencies are storing data. Download a results.

Hispanics made up 8.5 percent of a sovereign workforce in mercantile 2015, according to a many recent OPM report on Hispanic employment. That’s a 0.1 percent strike of a prior year’s numbers, when Hispanics represented 8.4 percent of a sovereign workforce.



“The 0.1 percent per year is not sufficient,” Cobert pronounced during a Hispanic Employment Council assembly behind in October.

Members of a Hispanic Council have pronounced in prior meetings that they’d like to see agencies get some-more concerned with their work. A separator research investigate appears to be a initial step.

“We’re the ones who are sitting at the list observant this isn’t slicing a mustard,” pronounced Zina Sutch, executive of a Office of Diversity and Inclusion during OPM pronounced during an Oct meeting. “We’re sitting there saying, what have we done? Because one of a things that we hear from agencies is, ‘Well, we’ve finished everything.’ And what we contend is, let’s travel by [this.]”

This is a 15th year OPM has released a news on Hispanic employing and practice in a sovereign workforce. In 2000, Hispanic permanent sovereign municipal employees represented 6.5 percent of a workforce. Since 2000, that commission has incrementally increasing — a largest boost being 0.3 percent between 2006 and 2007 — yet a commission remained prosaic during 8.0 percent in 2009 and 2010.

OPM speedy agencies to concentration on disparities among tip care positions, since Hispanic illustration within a SES has been a quite grave indicate for a Council.

Hispanics represented 4.4 percent of a Senior Executive Service, that remained prosaic between mercantile 2014 and 2015. Agencies also brought on fewer Hispanics to new SES positions in 2015. Just 15 Hispanics assimilated a SES in 2015, compared to 19 during a prior year.

EEOC will alone emanate suggested questions that agencies can use to control their analyses.

In their submissions, agencies should include:

  • Examples of a recruitment and overdo events they’ve hold that concentration on Hispanic/Latino populations.
  • Applicant upsurge research for Hispanic illustration during any theatre of a recruitment/hiring process.
  • A examination of promotions and separations among Hispanic employees and a comparison to a rest of a sovereign workforce.
  • An research of career marks that lead to SES positions within any agency.
  • A examination of a many new Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey formula as they describe to engagement, compensation and participation.
  • A list of probable solutions and strategies to strengthen a tube of Hispanic practice and retention.
  • A outline of best practices that uncover success or improvement

Analyses are due to EEOC by Jan. 31, 2018.

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