A Business-Friendly Mayoral Candidate in Atlanta Is Pulling in Some Very Odd Contributions


A print advertises a fundraiser in Oct in support of Keisha Lance-Bottoms’s mayoral bid.

Photo: Keisha Lance-Bottoms for Mayor

On Nov 7, Atlantans will go to a polls to decide who will attain Mayor Kasim Reed as a city’s leader.

The nonpartisan, 12-way competition is unpredictable; regressive Mary Norwood is widely expected to make a Dec runoff, though who will face her is adult in a air. The Bernie Sanders-backed on-going claimant and former state Sen. Vincent Fort is vying to be Norwood’s challenger alongside a series of city legislature alumni who are some-more compared with Reed’s pro-business politics.

One of those candidates, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, has been endorsed by Reed and benefited in a home widen from a gusher of corporate fundraising — many of it flowing in a way that allows it to get around a typical boundary of giving.

Procurement crime has expel a prolonged shade over a mayoral race. In September, a FBI raided a offices of a city businessman and a city’s tip purchasing office pled guilty to usurpation bribes in sell for millions of dollars of city contracts. Earlier this month, Lance-Bottoms returned more than $25,000 in contributions from one of a city contractors during a core of a investigation.

The authorised grant extent for an particular to a mayoral claimant in a ubiquitous choosing is $2,600. But a series of vital contractors that do business with Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport — a world’s busiest airfield and an entity a city oversees — used bombard companies and other means to boost their donations to Lance-Bottoms into a tens of thousands. The benefaction contracts, to work quick food restaurants and other franchises, are a multibillion-dollar opportunity for vendors.

Individuals compared with Miami-based Master ConcessionAir (previously famous as World Wide Concessions) have given $23,525 to Lance-Bottoms’s campaign. Much of this giving was finished by other entities. For instance, on Lance-Bottoms’s finance disclosures, you’ll see a $2,500 concession from a Florida-based Concessions Development Group. Lest we consider this entity is separate to ConcessionAir, we can see that one of a people it’s registered under is Jose Alberni. Alberni lists himself as a handling executive during ConcessionsAir.

Individuals concerned with a association in a past formerly came underneath review for “allegedly receiving $1.7 million from a Miami airfield businessman to accommodate sovereign minority-business mandate while not indeed opening a restaurant,” as a Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes, nonetheless no charges were ever filed in a case.

World Wide Concessions Chief Executive Peter Amaro Jr. creatively seemed to give twice to Lance-Bottoms by changing his initial name from Peter to Pedro for a second contribution, as good as adding a series to his address. Remember that the legal grant limit for a ubiquitous choosing is $2,600, and Amaro gave $5,100. The donations were initial flagged on Twitter by Nathaniel Horadam, a master’s tyro during Georgia Tech. In a nice financial news expelled Thursday, a second concession is nice to Patricia, his wife. Amaro’s association manages over dual dozen franchises during a Atlanta airport, including a Starbucks and Chick-fil-A.

In Thursday’s disclosure, Carlos Aguilera, a company’s executive of food and libation operations, pitched in an additional $2,500 — though left out his employer information.

Master Concession Air/World Wide Concessions did not respond to a ask for comment.

Another airfield vendor, OTG Management, surpassed the $2,600 extent by giving directly as OTG Management and also as OTG Management EWR, that shares a accurate same address. OTG Management has not during this time responded to a ask for comment.

Darrell Anderson is a limousine association owner and long-time family crony of Reed who won a convey agreement during a airfield that lasted 4 years (he was also an financier in a association Reed’s father ran). Anderson himself has given $1,000 to Lance-Bottoms. But his association A-National Limousine Service has given $2,500 collectively between dual donations this year. Through a network of other bombard companies that Anderson owns or share a same residence as A-National Limousine Service, he collectively gave almost $27,000. That’s 10 times a authorised extent of what an particular can give.

In a many new disclosure, expelled Thursday, Lance-Bottoms returned $5,600 of those contributions, $1,000 from Atlanta Airport Shuttle, $2,000 from Atlanta Metropolitan Auto, $2,600 from New Day Productions.

Lance-Bottoms is publicly thanking some of these donors. On Thursday, she took to Twitter to bring a support of Giovanni di Palma, a owners of Antico Foods — that has a presence during Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Antico gave $2,600 to Lance-Bottoms’s debate in September; di Palma himself gave $2,600 a same month. Lioni Latticini Mozzarella Specialty Foods, which has, in a past, served as their cheese supplier, pitched in $2,600 as well.

In 2015, a Labor Department ordered Antico to compensate scarcely $300,000 in behind salary after it funded overtime from dozens of employees.

The Thursday disclosures also uncover a $2,500 concession from Florida-based Advanced Consulting Service. This organisation is registered to Christopher Korge, who founded NewsLink, a organisation that is bidding on contracts to open a new emporium during a airport. Korge formerly gave $2,000 in January. A phone call to Korge Korge LLP reliable that Christopher also owns SFB Consulting, that gave $2,500 in a latest disclosure.

The debate finance report from early Oct also reveals donations from other city contractors and, interestingly, from a series of people vital in New Orleans. One donor to Lance-Bottoms, Blair Boutte of B3 Consulting, owns a bail bond association in Louisiana cited in a recent report over violent bail bond practices. Blair’s Bail Bonds of New Orleans is confronting a lawsuit for allegedly abduction and extorting a male for income he claims he didn’t know that he owed.

Horadam posited that a upsurge of Louisiana money to Lance-Bottoms might describe to intrigue to trade donors with Desiree Charbonnet, a business-friendly mayoral claimant using in New Orleans. Charbonnet’s debate has perceived an liquid of donations from Atlanta contractors, including firms and people who have donated to Lance-Bottoms, suggesting donors subsidy any claimant have found a approach to elect dual establishment-backed politicians while radically doubling a volume they can legally donate.

Top photo: A print advertises a fundraiser in Oct support of Keisha Lance-Bottoms’s mayoral bid.

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