A $750000 word policy, a passed tot and a 15-year-old case

Nearly 80 mins into her testimony, Tiffany Paris was asked to brand dual people in a photograph.

“My son,” she pronounced quietly.

“And?” a invulnerability profession asked.

“The male who murdered my son,” Paris snapped.

Her opinion about a genocide was reliable by a Montgomery County decider who ruled this week that a man, Moussa Sissoko, was guilty in a child-abuse murdering of his and Paris’s 3-month-old son, Shane.

Shane Paris Sissoko shortly before his genocide in 2001. (Family photo)

Circuit Court Judge Michael Mason’s statute — after a complicated, two-week conference hold in front of a judge, not a jury — came in a box that stretches to Shane’s genocide in 2001.

At that time, Sissoko was a 22-year-old father who, according to testimony, seemed to caring about his son.

Behind a scenes, though, he was operative to turn a solitary customer of a $750,000 life word process on Shane, according to a judge.

“I can’t explain tellurian behavior. Nobody can explain tellurian behavior,” Mason pronounced Thursday in delivering his verdict. “And we consider we all know enough, during this age in a lives, that we can’t decider by appearances.”

Sissoko had been convicted before in a genocide — in 2002 — and was condemned to life in prison. He appealed, lost, and after asserted that he’d had ineffectual lawyering during a progressing case. Last year, a opposite Montgomery Circuit judge, Ronald Rubin, resolved that Sissoko deserved a new conference since his strange invulnerability counsel had unsuccessful to call a pediatric neuroradiologist as a declare to plead Shane’s injuries or medical condition, and instead relied on a reduction competent neuropathologist. Sissoko remained sealed adult tentative a outcome of a new trial.

Rubin’s opinion underscored a medical debates during a heart of a case.

In Sissoko’s new trial, prosecutors pronounced that he inflicted conduct mishap on Shane. Defense lawyers pronounced prosecutors could not infer what happened and that Shane died from an collision or healthy causes.

Moussa Sissoko binds his son Shane in 2001. (Courtesy of Montgomery County Circuit Court)

“This is a medical mystery,” an profession for Sissoko, Robert Bonsib, told Mason during trial. “Killing his son was not his plan. His son died. He was as ravaged as anybody by it, and he’s had to spend a prolonged time in jail.”

Each side was means to benefaction a box since there were no outlines on Shane, or as Mason put it: “The mishap was deficient to leave outmost justification of a indicate of a impact.”

In a end, Mason resolved that medical evidence, along with a life word plan, showed Sissoko had designed and willfully killed Shane.

“The suspect inflicted violent conduct mishap on a defunct that was a means of his genocide — by possibly jolt and/or causing soothing impact mishap to a child,” Mason said.

Sissoko returned to jail and is set to accept a new judgment May 26.

For Shane’s mother, Paris, a judge’s outcome came as a outrageous relief. “Like a weight carried off my shoulders,” she pronounced after a hearing.

She is now 34 and has a 9-year-old daughter, Shanna. About 3 years ago, she said, she began revelation Shanna about Shane.

“You have a baby brother,” Paris said.

She frequently visits Shane’s grave. On his birthday and during holidays, she will leave presents — a teddy bear, a kite, an Easter basket. “Stuff we consider he’d like,” Paris said.

In 1999, she was still in high propagandize in Montgomery County when she and Sissoko started dating. “My initial genuine boyfriend,” she said.

In a tumble of 2000, a dual schooled Paris was pregnant. A brief time later, Sissoko went to Florida to attend college. He after asked Paris to cancel a pregnancy. “I don’t wish we to have it anymore,” he said, according to justice records.

Sissoko returned to Maryland, and on Jun 29, 2001, was during Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring for Shane’s birth.

Sissoko changed in with Paris and Shane, and took a pursuit during a close and confidence company, according to justice records. It was around this time, Mason said, that Sissoko began posterior a $750,000 life word policy, fixing himself as solitary beneficiary.

On Aug. 18, 2001, a deputy from State Farm told Sissoko that Shane would have to have a medical evaluation, prosecutors Deborah Feinstein and Sherri Koch wrote in justice papers.

Sissoko finished a arrangements, revelation Paris a alloy would revisit their home, though that a revisit was associated to a health word matter. When Paris questioned that, Sissoko told her he would cancel a appointment, though he didn’t — and organised to have a analysis finished while Paris was during work, justice files show.

Around that time, as Paris schooled of messages left during their home from State Farm. Sissoko pronounced they were associated to automobile word and renter’s insurance.

In creation his ruling, Mason spoke customarily about medical evidence. But he also honed in on a life insurance.

“Any reasonable chairman is going to ask: ‘Why would we put a $750,000 process on a baby infant?’ ” Mason pronounced from a bench. “It seems to make no sense, only on a face.”

Mason addressed what Sissoko had told an questioner years earlier: That a process was a form of college assets plan. But a decider remarkable Sissoko was creation $1,500 a month, nonetheless was signing adult for a process that would cost him $150 a month.

“It honestly defies proof and reason,” Mason said.

In justice papers, prosecutors pronounced that on Sept. 15, 2001 — while Paris was during work — Sissoko was caring for Shane. Shortly after lunch, he laid him in a bed. Then, during 2:03 p.m., he called 911 and pronounced Shane was nonchalant and bleeding.

“He has left from a healthy, normal excellent immature baby boy,” Mason said, “to all of a remarkable what is described as fundamentally a coma child who is not respirating and with blood entrance from his nose.”

Paramedics took Shane to Holy Cross, and he was after eliminated to Children’s National Medical Center. Shane never regained consciousness, according to prosecutors, and remained on a ventilator until it was private after 10 days.

“He murdered my son,” Shane’s mom testified this year, “for a life word policy.”

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