5 Tips for Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

Want some-more business? Then we need LinkedIn. It might not be as outrageous as Facebook, or as hip as Snapchat, though LinkedIn is a amicable network where business gets done. Here are a few stats to infer it:

• 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.
• 66% of B2B calm marketers contend LinkedIn is their many effective amicable media platform.

While LinkedIn can be effective, it’s also probable to fail around with it and not get really far. Use these 5 tips to optimize your time and get top-tier results.

1. Republish your blog posts on LinkedIn.

This is a superb approach to get some-more exposure, though many tiny business owners equivocate it since they’re endangered about transcribe content. An article from Search Engine Journal has a good roundup of some vital SEOs’ opinions on this issue. Long story short? The accord is that edition even a accurate chronicle of a post to your LinkedIn Pulse won’t harm you.

If you’re still worried, tell on your possess site first, afterwards wait a week to tell on LinkedIn. And afterwards suffer distant some-more exposure. One selling association we spoke with recently says they get 3 to 5 times as most bearing from their LinkedIn posts as they do from anything published on their blog.

One some-more approach to get even some-more formula from this: If we consider your post is worthy, twitter about it to Tip @LinkedInPulse. That’s a specific feed set adult for a LinkedIn Pulse editors. If your post gets picked up, it could meant vital bearing for your brand.

2. Want to build your connections? Follow people on Twitter first.

Sending tie invites can be stressful—especially if we don’t indeed know a person. One approach to comfortable adult a nod is to follow people on Twitter first. It’s distant easier to get someone to follow we behind on that platform, and once they’ve finished so, you’ve got a common bond.

But that’s usually a initial step. It also helps if you’re in a LinkedIn Group or dual together, and it helps even some-more if we send a personalized invite. All a entice has to contend is: “Hello Fred. We’re following any other on Twitter, and are in a few groups together here on LinkedIn. Thought I’d strech out and see if we wanted to connect.” About 85 percent of a people we hit with that summary contend yes.

If that doesn’t work, we can still follow a chairman on LinkedIn. Keep building your attribute by commenting on their posts and pity their amicable media updates. Try another tie entice in a month or two.

Once you’ve got those connections, don’t remove lane of them. Adding tags to your connectors can help. Tags are customizable, and we can use adult to 200 of them.

Bonus idea: Tags are a good approach to arrange intensity hires if you’re looking for new employees. According to a WASP 2016 State of Small Business Report, 50 percent of all tiny business owners contend employing new employees is their series one challenge.

For some-more on LinkedIn, watch this Fortune video:

3. Endorse your contacts.

You’ve usually landed a new contact. You are anticipating to build this attribute into something big, though we don’t wish to come off as too crude too fast. So validate them—for one skill.

This literally takes usually a second. Your tie will get a summary notifying them we permitted them, too.

Notice how we suggested we validate them for usually one thing. That leaves room to validate them for a integrate some-more skills after on. So if you’re going to ask them for a favor—an introduction, perhaps—endorse them for a ability a few days before we make a ask.

Liking and pity people’s posts and commenting on their LinkedIn Pulse posts can help, too. Also, try to do this even if we don’t need a favor. If you’re connected to someone, hopefully it’s since there’s during slightest some genuine seductiveness in them or their work.

Bonus tip: You can set a sign on a connection’s form to get a presentation of when it’s time to do something good for them.

4. Split-test your headshot.

You already know your LinkedIn headshot should be professional. So no “drink-in-hand celebration shots” (unless it’s a selfie with Richard Branson). No photos of your pet or your child as your form shot, either.

But after you’ve got all that covered, how can we be certain your headshot is good enough? Well, there’s an engaging giveaway apparatus called PhotoFeeler. It lets people rate your sketch on several specific criteria:

• Competency
• Likeability
• Influence

To split-test dual opposite headshots, we should run dual tests—one for any headshot. You can do this for giveaway if you’re peaceful to rate other people’s photos, or we can buy credits to save yourself some time.

5. Set adult smarter remoteness settings.

A integrate of elementary tweaks to your LinkedIn remoteness settings can make a large difference.

Keep your connectors private. Don’t let competitors see who you’re connected to. Change a environment on your remoteness page so no one can see your prospects and customers.

Stop compelling your competitors. Know that box patrician “People Also Viewed” subsequent to someone’s profile? That’s display when people demeanour during your profile, and it’s substantially showcasing your competitors. Turn it off.

Before we rehaul your LinkedIn profile, spin off programmed announcements. This will gangling your contacts from carrying to get 23 announcements about all a form edits you’re about to make.


LinkedIn is a business energy apparatus and that’s a good thing since it means it’s powerful. But it also means we need to know what you’re doing when we spin it on. These 5 tips will get we started, though we suggest some stability education. Social selling—like amicable media—is elaborating all a time.

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