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15 cities where we can get a well-paid financial pursuit … and inexpensive housing

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A inexhaustible income competence not meant many if your cost of vital is by a roof.

Job seekers looking for that primary multiple of a well-paid pursuit and affordable housing aren’t indispensably out of luck. New information from LinkedIn and Zillow found 15 cities where financial workers can still keep a lot of their income after covering housing costs. (They also looked during a best affordable cities for health-care and techworkers.)

“High direct and register shortages have driven adult housing prices in some markets so many that even if we land a good job, a income competence not cover vital within travelling distance,” Zillow’s arch economist Svenja Gudell said. “On a other hand, a nation’s many affordable housing markets don’t always offer abundant practice opportunities.”

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To come adult with a rankings, LinkedIn and Zillow used a multiple of housing and practice data. That enclosed employing trends, median wages, income taxation rates and median monthly housing costs.

Housing is mostly one of families’ biggest expenses, and a pierce that lets we revoke that cost could make a large disproportion in your financial situation, pronounced approved financial planner Mark LaSpisa, boss of Vermillion Financial Advisors in South Barrington, Illinois.

“Are we behind a 8 round and we haven’t saved much, and we can use that [cost reduction] to locate up? That’s a good opportunity,” he said.


But relocating for a pursuit isn’t a preference to make lightly. On a financial side, cruise how your salary, taxes and cost of vital (not only housing) in that new city review to your stream locale, LaSpisa said.

Don’t forget to cruise nonfinancial factors, like schools, continue and vicinity to family. One of LaSpisa’s clients nixed a designed cross-country relocation after anticipating out his new city didn’t have good health caring nearby.

“You never know what’s going to be a determining factor,” he said.

If we confirm to move, start out renting. You’ll be means to make smarter homebuying choices after vital in — rather than only visiting — a city, he said. Renting also lets we make a faster exit should we confirm that new city isn’t for you.

Based on a LinkedIn-Zillow findings, here’s where financial workers can have some-more disposable income left after housing costs:

Best affordable cities for financial jobs

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Balancing Priorities

  • Biosphere in Seattle.

    Here’s where workers in tech fields can keep some-more of their take-home pay.

  • Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Tennessee

    LinkedIn and Zillow crunched information to establish where health-care workers can find large salaries and affordable housing.

  • Phoenix

  • Wedding couple

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