12 Rules on Personal Finance

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1. Don’t get a salary. A income will never make we money.

2. Don’t deposit any of your money. Investing is for resources preservation, not resources creation, so initial we have to make wealth.

3. Come adult with 10 ideas a day. This doesn’t seem like “personal finance” though it is.

4. Don’t try to save income by not shopping costly coffee or holding subways instead of cabs. That’s a myth. The best approach to save income is to make more.

5. Learn how to copywrite.

6. Come adult with 10 ideas for how dual people can assistance any other. Introduce them and stay out of a way. This is genuine networking. Not feign networking where people palm business cards to strangers.

7. When we have wealth, never deposit some-more than 2% of your resources in any one idea.

8. Don’t enter a business with a lot of competition. Enter a business with a monopoly. This means high profits, high perks, good education.

9. Read a lot about things that have zero to do with finance. Then mix them.

10. Sleeping 8 hours a day competence be a many critical personal financial rule.

11. Be around people who adore we and who we love. Eliminate people who move we down.

12. Gratitude = Abundance. You can usually be beholden for what is abounding in your life or what will be abounding in your life. So use thankfulness / contentment all day long.

Trust your body. With all we do, everybody we meet, ask, “is this good for me?” Your comatose mind will tell we approbation or no. Wait for it to answer.

Once it answers, follow a advice.

Look everywhere for what is hidden. The people who know personal financial censor a income really carefully.

The people who don’t know personal financial have TV shows about it.

Be skeptical. Even of me.

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