10 New Year’s Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle (From An Employment Perspective)

healthy 2017

healthy 2017We all crave to live a healthy lifestyle, and are exhorted to do by usually about everyone. The payoff? A svelte body, a pleasing yoga poise that is a enviousness of all, an boost in amicable standing to compute we from a Cheetoh-eating masses (this is, of course, many essential), and, finally, maybe a longer life.

Is it possible?

Yes it is! Anyone with TV or amicable media luminary status, a grade from Trump University, or an ability to sound a thesis from Rocky obviously has a required certification to beam and coach we with lovable to-do lists and easy-to-memorize daily exhortations.

But has anyone examined a employment-law aspects of a healthy lifestyle?  Is there a Socrates for a time to yield a knowledge of a ages for employees and employers, or, some-more importantly, a few applicable catchphrases (copyright pending) that will hopefully go viral and acquire him/her large chartering fees?

I don’t know, though here are a few tips schooled after a lifetime of heathy lifestyle fits and starts:

1.    This initial tip is many important: Be male, white, underneath 50, and say an appealing appearance. Studies and countless justice cases denote that these characteristics foster a healthy lifestyle by, among other things, giving we a yuge advantage in removing a pursuit – which, as we can imagine, permits we to indulge in all that healthy lifestyle stuff. It need not be pronounced that to foster a healthy lifestyle, try to equivocate being any of these things!

2.    Make a New Year’s fortitude that after Jan 20th we will not find a pursuit during any sovereign regulatory agency, such as, though limitation, a EEOC, OSHA, SEC, NLRB, EPA, CFPB or FDA, or a Departments of Interior, Energy or HUD (or, for that matter, any group that protects, or even appears to protect, this country, a adults or a Earth).  If we are employed during one of these places, we unequivocally expected won’t be for long.  And don’t design any reserve net to locate we – that is very bad for a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Try to get a pursuit for some-more than a prevalent smallest income – however low it goes.   While many studies uncover that income doesn’t buy happiness, it positively doesn’t hurt, and, some-more importantly, it does buy improved healthcare, food, vital conditions, child care, and education.  And any of these has been proven to minister to good health and a longer life.  (Another tip: subsequent year don’t rest on a sovereign supervision to raise a smallest wage; improved to pierce to a state that already has or skeleton to do so).  Forget a oft-repeated though never-achieved mantra that a “rising economy will lift all boats”; imperishable individualism is a new catchphrase!  Put another approach – “you’re on your own!”

4.    If we have a choice, opt for a pursuit with larger standing and prestige, and not simply for a pursuit with a aloft salary.  Take it from a incoming Secretary of Labor, employees don’t unequivocally wish some-more income – they usually wish a bigger and improved pursuit title!  And he should know – being a practicing altruist that he is, he employs a larger series of happy minimum-wage burger flippers who are comparison clamp presidents than anyone else.  (This tip does not, of course, request to him, being as eminent as he is. Non silva sed anthar!).  And oh — forget overtime pay, SVP’s — executives like we are not entitled to it, and anyway, we got “prestige,” remember?

5.    If we are an employer, try to equivocate badgering or intimidating employees, either or not they are in stable classes.  Multiple studies have shown that such function will means we stress, that is aversion to a healthy lifestyle.  Remember that it’s all about you, not them.

6.    Conversely, try to find a pursuit where a tutor does not harass or dominate you.  If your employer is a bully, he/she is expected rarely stressed to start with, and if we criticism or protest it will make him/her even some-more stressed, that could lead to some-more harassment.  And all that nuisance is soo not good for you.

7.    Also, where probable opt for a white-collar pursuit — while operative on a highway organisation or as a stevedore competence give we a good cardio examination and assistance we to remove weight, it is also pretty taxing, will force we to give adult your tutor and your sushi, and will expected not mortar we into a universe of a “global elites,” where a lifestyle is a healthiest.

8.    For North Carolina residents: Try not to be LGBT. ‘Nuff said.

9.    Stay divided from states that roughly require we to lift a secluded gun to work.  Ohio, for one, usually gave a Constitution-loving adults a holiday present: it upheld a law ominous an employer from exclusive an worker from gripping a secluded arms in a parked automobile on a employer’s property.  It’s a proven fact, of course, that usually good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns.  So be a good guy, or go work in another state.  All studies uncover that being passed does not foster a healthy lifestyle.

10.    Finally, stay employed for as prolonged as possible. Although operative by your eighties or even comparison competence not be a healthy lifestyle for all, during slightest we will be means to means correct medical caring (maybe) and eat things other than cat food.  When America becomes good again unequivocally soon, we expected won’t commend your “modernized” or “voucherized” Medicare and Social Security – if it still exists.  Better to end during your desk!

So go suffer a healthier lifestyle – and have a good year!


richard-b-cohenRichard B. Cohen has litigated and arbitrated formidable business and practice disputes for roughly 40 years, and is a partner in a NYC bureau of a inhabitant “cloud” law organisation FisherBroyles. He is a creator and author of his firm’s Employment Discrimination blog, and perceived an endowment from a American Bar Association for his blog posts. You can strech him during Richard.Cohen@fisherbroyles.com and follow him on Twitter during @richard09535496.

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